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Reconstituted Oils

Essential oils are also made of synthetic aromatic chemicals to get the fragrance of a particular plant material. These are called reconstituted oils and are manufactured for the use of modern Perfumeries and Cosmetics. The reconstitute essential oils have no or little therapeutical values and should never be used by an Aromatherapist. Many synthetic essential oils are considered highly toxic and can do more damage to the skin than good.
Reconstituted Oils also turn out to be cost effective and cheaper as compared to the natural extracts as these are of chemical origin and not natural origin thereby saving time and money on the various extraction processes. It is cost effective since it is made using synthetic and artificial chemicals. Reconstituted Oils are also helpful when there is a high demand of oils against the natural crop production.
Calypso Essential Oils provides Reconstituted Oils for the purpose of our client’s demand and their internal use. We assure all our products are 100% tested and guarantee the quality before delivery. We advise that these oils shall not be used as a substitution of natural oils.