Calypso Essential Oils is a venture by professionally qualified personnels and manned by a team of highly experienced technical staff.


We come from humble beginnings and zero skills whatsoever.

Natural Flavours And Food Colours

We offer cutting-edge flavours and seasoning blends, and a unique expertise to design confectionery, bakery and savory products combined with unrivalled knowledge of natural raw materials only to bring you the best of nature. We have a taste for the extraordinary
At Calypso Essential Oils the flavor division provides to the top-notch brands.

We create unique organoleptic experiences to enhance taste perceptions and also creating many off-beat ones.To develop these exceptional flavours and fragrances, the company is equipped with the most "state-of-the-art” technical, scientific and creative means at all its locations.We offer our clients in varied flavors and quantities, our collection of Synthetic Soft Drink Concentrates (Emulsion) lies in adherence to the acceptable food industry norms. All products are used in beverages like soft drink, ice lollies, fruit based beverage industries both aerated & non-aerated and can be availed by our clients.

Although we pride ourselves at being able to offer cost effective solutions and high quality ingredients, what we also do incredibly well is create visually stunning desserts that not only make your eyes pop but will taste delicious as well.

Types Of Flavours:-

  • Alcoholic Beverage Flavours
  • Bakery Flavours
  • Dairy and Ice Cream Flavours
  • Savouries, Veg, Meat and Fish Flavours
  • Soft Drink Flavours
  • Sugar and Confectionery Flavours

Available Equipment :


Application Area Notes Form Suitable
Bakery heat & bake stable (eg: fruit, honey) LP
Sugar confectionery heat stable (eg: fruit) LP
Chocolate heat stable (eg: fruit, mint) LP
Ice Cream & Dairy (eg: chocolate, fruit) LP
Beverages (eg: herb, fruit) ELP
Liquors (eg: fruit, spirits) L
Frozen desserts (eg: fruit, coffee) LP
Animal feeds (eg: herbal, fish, fruit) LP
Pharmaceutical (eg: fruit, honey) LP
Cereals (eg: fruit, honey) L
Meat & poultry (eg: chicken, pork, lamb, beef) LP
Pet Food (e.g: liver, chicken) LP
Tobacco hand rolled, shisha, cigarettes, all types (all major brands) L