Calypso Essential Oils is a venture by professionally qualified personnels and manned by a team of highly experienced technical staff.

beauty products

Calypso Essential Oils’s range of Certified Natural personal care & beauty products are made from nature or natural origin and contain Organic herbs as active ingredients.

Quality control

Ensure your products meet the relevant regulations and protect customers from potential harm with chemical testing and analysis services from Calypso Essential Oils.


We offer cutting-edge flavours and seasoning blends, and a unique expertise to design confectionery, bakery products combined with unrivalled knowledge of natural raw materials only to bring you the best of nature.


Our range of high quality Natural Essential Oil & Its Isolates are extracted from natural ingredients. Our range is broadly acclaimed for its purity across the globe.

Reconstituted Oils

Essential oils are also made of synthetic aromatic chemicals to get the fragrance of a particular plant material. These are called reconstituted oils and are manufactured for the use of modern Perfumeries and Cosmetics.

Product Development

At Calypso , our perfumers meticulously design odors by selecting ingredients from a palette totalizing thousands of items.Our product development process is surrounded by the ideas and concepts.


Calypso Essential Oils provides contract manufacturing facility for leading Indian cosmetic, hair care and dental care businesses in India.