Calypso Essential Oils is a venture by professionally qualified personnels and manned by a team of highly experienced technical staff.


Calypso Essential Oils is committed in ensuring public safety by providing reliable and current information through public education, qualified practitioner members, recognized schools and the various Research Committees.

Promotion of the safe use of essential oils,chemicals and aromatherapy oils ais the keystone of our organization. Proper assessment of the individual client, high quality essential oils, dosage, dilution, duration, storage of essential oils, and the level of education of the individual selling and/or administering the essential oils are all paramount to the safe usage of essential oils. Consulting with a qualified manufacturer for oil selection, best application methods and concentration levels will ensure safe and effective outcomes.

Essential Oils in professional and retail practice requires individual and businesses to maintain an incomparable level of safe practice for both the client and the manufacturer. Safety in the use of essential oils and client care is foremost and fundamental to all our programs.Our employees, members and clients are required to comply with health and safety issues legally, as prescribed by law, professionally, in personal behavior accepting the IFRA’s Standards of Practice and ethically adhering to the IFRA Code of the Ethics in practice. These Standards of Practice guidelines identify the scope of care and reflect professional norms.