Calypso Essential Oils is a venture by professionally qualified personnels and manned by a team of highly experienced technical staff.


We take sustainability very seriously at Calypso Essential oils. We strive to develop new ethical-sourcing partnerships and ensure the raw materials and packaging components we buy are provided in a sustainable manner.

Code Of Conduct

  • Provide the highest quality of essential oils and fragrances available.
  • Provide services within the scope and the limits of training and to refer to appropriate qualified professionals as indicated.
  • Maintain professional confidentiality except when failure to take action could constitute a danger to others.
  • Refrain from guaranteeing a specific wellness outcome, acknowledging that aromatic extracts support self healing and that holistic health outcomes are influenced by many factors.
  • Appreciate the importance of thoroughness in the performance of duty, compassion with clients, and the significance of the tasks I perform.
  • Respect the law and avoid dishonest, unethical, or illegal practices.
  • Refuse primary responsibility for health care for any client. Individuals who are licensed or otherwise authorized to provide primary health care are excluded.